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Theoretical treatments I haven't been able to find any information on:


1. Sex-mimmicking drugs. It's very common among people with tic disorders to report that, during sex, ticcing is greatly diminished and/or eliminated. From this it can be hypothesized that one or more chemical actions occuring in the brain during sex are supressing the tics. Based on this framework, a drug could be created that recreates this action in the brain thus hypothetically suppressing tics in the patient. Of course, this process would have to be identified and shown to be safe for long term use...


2. Concentration-mimmicking drugs. Very similar to the above, some people with tic disorders report that when concentrating very intently on a given task (such as playing an instrument), tics are reduced or eliminated. It may be possible to identify this brain process and synthetically recreate it with a medication thus reducing tics.


3. Stem cell treatment. Under the assumption that tics are caused by dysfunction in the thalamus, basal ganglia, and frontal cortext of the brain (Walkup JT, Mink JW, Hollenback PJ, Advances in Neurology, Vol 99) stem cells could hypothetically be used to repair/regrow the affected areas of the brain.